Hai-zhou Liu

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Cupriavidus necator JMP134 utilizes meta-nitrophenol (MNP) as a sole source of carbon, nitrogen, and energy. The metabolic reconstruction of MNP degradation performed in silico suggested that the mnp cluster might have played important roles in MNP degradation. In order to experimentally confirm the prediction, we have now characterized mnpA-encoded(More)
It is well established that different sites within a protein evolve at different rates according to their role within the protein; identification of these correlated mutations can aid in tasks such as ab initio protein structure, structure function analysis or sequence alignment. Mutual Information is a standard measure for coevolution between two sites but(More)
Bats have been reported to carry diverse adenoviruses. However, most bat adenoviruses have been identified on the basis of partial genome sequences, and knowledge on the evolution of bat adenoviruses remains limited. In this study, we isolated and characterized four novel adenoviruses from two distinct bat species, and their full-length genomes were(More)
OBJECTIVE To sequence and analyze the whole genome of Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV) strain named 47 which was isolated from patient's cerebrospinal fluid sample in Heilongjiang province in 1950. METHODS RNA was extracted from the recovery strain 47 and amplified with self-designed JEV genome sequencing primers. The differentiation analysis for(More)
It is a great challenge to fabricate piezoresistive sensors that possess high elasticity, large-area compliance, and excellent detectability to satisfy both extremely tiny and large human activity monitoring. Herein, a novel and facile strategy is reported to manufacture highly elastic channel crack-based gold@PU sponge piezoresistive material. The elastic(More)
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