Hai-ying Shang

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We analyzed 127 rDNA sequences (5S DNA units) obtained from 23 seed accession samples from more or less 10 taxa in wild and cultivated rye, genus Secale L. The sequences fell into two known groups, here assigned to two unit classes, viz. long R1 and short R1 (designations to reflect on R haplome of rye). The different taxa could not be fully differentiated(More)
Statistical characteristics of Rician and Nakagami-m fading channel are considered which develops the statistical analysis to characterize the frequency-selective fading properties. We use a new analytical multipath shape factors proposed by Durgin which greatly simplifies the description of Rician and Nakagami-m fading channel. The three shape factors are(More)
Oxidative stress, as mediated by ROS (reactive oxygen species), is a significant factor in initiating the cells damaged by affecting cellular macromolecules and impairing their biological functions; SelX, a selenoprotein also known as MsrB1 belonging to the methionine sulfoxide reductase (Msr) family, is the redox repairing enzyme and involved in(More)
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