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OBJECTIVE To explore the preventive and treatment effects of smectite powder on enteral bacterial translocation in scalded rats. METHODS Fifty-four Sprague-Dawley (SD) rats were randomly divided into three groups, i.e. normal control (A, n = 6), burn control (B, n = 24), and burn treatment (T, n = 24) groups. The rats in B and T groups were fed with(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the influence of dermal defect and fat dome structure destruction in burn wounds on the formation of hyperplastic scar. METHODS Fifty two wounds in 24 burn patients with deep partial thickness burn indicating tangential excision in the extremities were enrolled in the study, and they were divided into three groups according to the(More)
Waste incineration is one of the important atmospheric mercury emission sources. The aim of this article is to explore the atmospheric mercury pollution level of waste incineration industry from Chongqing. This study investigated the mercury emissions from a municipal solid waste incineration plant and a medical waste incineration plant in Chongqing. The(More)
OBJECTIVE To observe dynamically the influence of the application of dermal template on the p53 gene expression and apoptosis during wound repairing in burn patients. METHODS Twenty burn patients were enrolled in the study and were divided into experiment (E, n = 11) and control (C, n = 9) groups. The escharectomy wounds in patients with 3rd degree burn(More)
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