Hai-ming Li

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In the paper, the concept of intuitionistic fuzzy filter in lattice implication algebras is introduced, and its properties are discussed. The relation between intuitionistic fuzzy filter and intuitionistic fuzzy lattice filter is shown, the equivalent conditions of intuitionistic fuzzy filter are obtained, these lay a theory foundation for more applying(More)
The fuzzy hierarchy evaluation system is discussed in this paper for the intelligent workflow management system. Firstly, the model of the fuzzy hierarchy evaluation system is presented. Secondly, the definition of the fuzzy hierarchy evaluation system is discussed which includes the definitions of the evaluation items, the relationships among them and the(More)
The emergence of World Wide Web has made flood of information. But the knowledge of the Web resources has not been utilized fully yet. Traditional search engine does not satisfy user need. At this paper, the soft match approach between user query and Web pages is put forward. And so, a Low Adjacence set is defined as Web pages in which contains all the(More)
Normally regular grammar, finite automata and regular expression are used to identify words. This paper puts forward that the derivation process for identifying words by regular grammar is a linear resolution substantively. Furthermore, in certain condition, irregular grammar can be converted to regular one and the algorithm is given in this paper.(More)
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