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We investigate the spectrum of physical states in the W3 string theory, up to level 2 for a multi-scalar string, and up to level 4 for the two-scalar string. The (open) W3 string has a photon as its only massless state. By using screening charges to study the null physical states in the two-scalar W3 string, we are able to learn about the gauge symmetries(More)
In this paper, we examine the conditions under which a higher-spin string theory can be quantised. The quantisability is crucially dependent on the way in which the matter currents are realised at the classical level. In particular, we construct classical realisations for the W2,s algebra, which is generated by a primary spin-s current in addition to the(More)
We construct new multi-field realisations of the N = 2 super-W3 algebra, which are important for building super-W3 string theories. We derive the structure of the ghost vacuum for such theories, and use the result to calculate the intercepts. These results determine the conditions for physical states in the super-W3 string theory. ⋆ Supported in part by the(More)
Since 1996, a hybrid experiment consisting of the emulsion chamber and burst detector array and the Tibet-II air-shower array has been operated at Yangbajing (4300 m above sea level, 606 g/cm2) in Tibet. This experiment can detect air-shower cores, called as burst events, accompanied by air showers in excess of about 100 TeV. We observed about 4300 burst(More)
The efficiency of a short-term treatment with an intravaginal device containing progesterone (CIDR) combined with pregnant mares’ serum gonadotrophin (PMSG) and prostaglandin analogue (PGF2α) was evaluated for the induction of estrus, initiation of cyclic activity, and fertility in postpartum suckled yak cows. Seventy-five postpartum suckled yak cows were(More)
In this paper we construct a (2, 2) dimensional string theory with manifest N = 1 spacetime supersymmetry. We use Berkovits’ approach of augmenting the spacetime supercoordinates by the conjugate momenta for the fermionic variables. The worldsheet symmetry algebra is a twisted and truncated “small” N = 4 superconformal algebra. The physical spectrum of the(More)
We study the nonlinear dispersive characteristics in β-Fermi-Pasta-Ulam (FPU) chains in both thermal equilibrium and nonequilibrium steady state. By applying a multiple scale analysis to the FPU chain, we analyze the contribution of the trivial and nontrivial resonance to the renormalization of the dispersion relation. Our results show that the contribution(More)