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Ischemia-reperfusion (I/R)-mediated intestinal mucosal injury is usually induced by oxygen-derived toxic free radicals from the xanthine oxidase system after reperfusion, but the detailed molecular mechanisms underlying glutamine protection is still unclear. This study aims to elucidate whether glutamine prevents damage to the intestinal mucosa after I/R in(More)
BACKGROUND The RUNX family, which is composed of RUNX1, RUNX2, and RUNX3, is a sequence-specific transcription factor family and is closely involved in a variety of cellular processes including development, differentiation, participation in the regulation of p53-dependent DNA damage response and/or tumorigenesis. Emerging evidence indicates that RUNX3 is a(More)
In this study, the alleviation effect of exogenous calcium (Ca) against cadmium (Cd) toxicity to growth, photosynthetic characteristics, antioxidant properties, and absorption of nutrients was explored in nutrient solution-cultured garlic seedlings. The results indicated that Cd significantly inhibited the growth of garlic seedlings as well as reduced the(More)
Taking 'Miaoxiang No.7' strawberry as material, full red light, full blue light, full yellow light, full white light, red/blue/yellow (7/2/1), red/blue (7/2) light generated by light emitting diode (LED) was applied to accurately modulate with white light generated as control. The indicators of photosynthetic and fluorescence parameters, pigment content,(More)
In the experiment, the effects of exogenous cadmium (Cd2+) and calcium (Ca2+) in nutrient solution on growth, photosynthetic characteristics, enzymes activities, main mineral elements absorption of garlic seedlings were studied. The results showed that cadmium could obviously inhibit the growth of garlic seedlings, decrease the pigment contents and(More)
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