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AIM To prepare anti-morphine vaccine antibody with high titer and good specificity and to identify its properties. METHODS Chemically synthesized 6-succinylmorphine (M-6-S) was cross-linked to BSA in pH 9.0 carbonate buffer. After being purified by gel filtration and (NH4)2SO4 salting out, the immunogen was used to immunize BALB/c mice and SD rats. The(More)
Genetic distribution for nine STR loci was determined in a Chinese Dongxing ethnic group based on STR genescan marked by fluorescence. Seventy-two alleles and 182 genotypes were observed in 94 unrelated Chinese Dongxiang individuals,with the corresponding gene frequency and genotype frequency being 0.0053-0.5825 and 0.0106-0.2660 respectively. The genotypes(More)
Population genetic studies were performed in Xinjiang's Uygur, Sibe, Ozbek and Kirgiz. Allele frequency distributions were analyzed for ten loci, i.e., D3S1358, VWA, CSF1PO, FGA, THO1, TPOX, D5S818, D13S317 and D7S820 by GeneScan. The results showed that there were 66 STR alleles and 148 genotypes in Uygur; 72 STR alleles and 163 genotypes in Sibe; 65 STR(More)
Venous blood samples from 50 unrelated Oroqen individuals living in Inner Mongolia were collected and their mtDNA HVR I and HVR II sequences were detected by using ABI PRISM377 sequencers. The number of polymorphic loci, haplotype, haplotype frequence, average nucleotide variability and other polymorphic parameters were calculated. Based on Oroqen mtDNA(More)
Tyrosine kinase receptors such as c-Met and its ligands are interesting therapeutic targets that have been reported to be involved in the progression of several types of cancers. Histone deacetylase inhibitor, valproic acid (VPA) is one such compound with promising anti-cancer properties. The current study was designed to evaluate the c-Met activity of VPA(More)
STR is a universal genetic marker that has changeable polymorphism and stable heredity in human genome. It is a specific DNA segment composed of 2-7 base pairs as its core sequence, and is formed through the repeated connection of the same one. Since it has the characteristics such as numerous allelic genes, highly heterozygosity and easy recognition and(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the role of dopamine D3 receptor involved in the amphetamine-induced conditioned place preference (CPP) in mice. METHODS The CPP was observed in D3 receptor knock-out (D3RKO) mice and C57BL/6 wild-type control mice after administration of amphetamine. The data were analyzed with a two-way ANOVA using the SPSS 13.0 software. RESULTS(More)
To determine the genetic polymorphism of three X-STR loci for Bai, Dai, Yi ethnic groups from Yunnan Province, DXS6804, DXS6799 and DXS7132 were genotyped by multiplex PCR and Genscan. Eighteen alleles and thirty-eight genotypes were detected in 89 Bai unrelated persons. The gene frequencies ranged from 0.0200 to 0.6400, and the geno-types frequencies(More)
In this study, we investigated the polymorphisms of STR of Pumi and Lisu minorities with STR genescan marked by fluorescence. Eighty-five alleles of 9 STR in Pumi were detected with the frequency 0.0050-0.5250 and 194 genotypes were found with frequency of 0.0098-0.3235. Sixty three alleles with their frequency of 0.0050-0.4802 and 145 genotypes were found(More)
In this study,blood samples were randomly drawn from 84 unrelated Nu individuals. The polymorphism of nine STR loci and Amelogenin locus were determined by DNA GeneScan. The genetic database on the distribution of gene frequency on the nine STR loci was established, statistical results showed that the genotype distributions were in agreement with(More)