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A path-folded infrared image spectrometer with five sub-gratings and five linear-array detectors was applied to a broadband optical monitoring (BOM) system for thin film deposition. Through in situ BOM, we can simultaneously acquire the thickness and refractive index of each layer in real time by fitting the measured spectra, and modify the deposition(More)
OBJECTIVE To observe the clinical effect of Yufeng Capsule (YFC), a Chinese herbal preparation with function of clearing Heat-toxin in treating premonitory symptoms of apoplexy in middle and old aged patients. METHODS One hundred and fourteen patients with premonitory symptoms of apoplexy were treated with YFC and compared with 57 patients treated with(More)
BACKGROUND Oocyte vitrification is widely used throughout the world, but its clinical efficacy is inconsistent and depends on the vitrification media. This study compared the developmental potential and clinical results of in vivo matured oocytes cryopreserved with different vitrification media. METHODS This retrospective study involved vitrified-warmed(More)
The linear regression models and variation partitioning method were used to analyze the relative and pure effects of area, climate, and boundary constraint on altitudinal patterns of plant species diversity in the Baishuijiang Natural Reserve. The results showed that diversities of overall plant species and different group species exhibited humped-shaped(More)
Under the oblique incidence condition, the multiple reflection of wave packets in a layered film structure will have a lateral shift increasing with the film thickness. In the analysis of the spatial interference with consideration of the lateral shift effect, a set of new analytic formulae to normalize the intensity of the s-and p-polarized wave packet was(More)
p204, an inteferon-inducible protein, is known to play an important role in modulating cell proliferation, cell cycling, and the differentiation of various tissues, including osteoblasts. In order to determine the role of p204 during development in vivo, the teleost zebrafish (Danio rerio), an established vertebrate model for developmental studies, was(More)
BACKGROUND Embryo quality and receptivity of the endometrium are two factors that determine the results of in vitro fertilization/intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection-embryo transfer (IVF/ICSI-ET). There is no consensus of the optimal transfer strategy for normal responders or high responders. The current study aimed to find the optimal transfer strategy for(More)
Intergeneric crop plant hybrid lines with small-segment chromosome translocations are very useful in plant genetic research and breeding. In this study, to create small-segment chromosome translocations with beneficial agronomic characters, the progeny of wheat-rye substitution lines 5R/5A and 6R/6A were selected from generations F 2 to F 5 for rye-specific(More)
In anticipation of the Dawn Mission to 4 Vesta, we conducted a ground-based campaign of Bessel BVRI filter photometry of five V-type near-Earth asteroids over a wide range of solar phase angles. We also obtained medium-resolution optical spectroscopy (0.38 lm < k < 0.92 lm; R $ 500) of sixteen near-Earth and main-belt V-type asteroids in order to(More)
In this work, 4-layered SiO2/Bi2Te3/SiO2/Cu film structures were designed and fabricated and the optical properties investigated in the wavelength region of 250-1200 nm for their promising applications for direct solar-thermal-electric conversion. A typical 4-layered film sample with the structure SiO2 (66.6 nm)/Bi2Te3 (7.0 nm)/SiO2 (67.0 nm)/Cu (>100.0 nm)(More)
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