Hai Yang Xia

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Greenhouse gas emissions have serious impacts on the natural environment. Therefore, the restrictions imposed on carbon emission force enterprises to take carbon emission into consideration when making production decisions. In this paper, in the context of allowing emission trading and investment of emission reduction technology, models were presented for a(More)
Sheath blight, causes by Rhizoctonia spp., threaten maize yield every year throughout the world. Trichoderma could degrade Rhizoctonia solani on maize mainly via competition and hyperparasitism, whereas validamycin A could efficiently inhibit the growth of R. solani via disturbing the energy system. By contrast, validamycin A is efficient but it takes(More)
Trichoderma harzianum is well known to exhibit induced systemic resistance (ISR) to Curvularia leaf spot. We previously reported that a C6 zinc finger protein (Thc6) is responsible for a major contribution to the ISR to the leaf disease, but the types of effectors and the signals mediated by Thc6 from Trichoderma are unclear. In this work, we demonstrated(More)
We report a high quality and system-wide proteome catalogue covering 71% (3,542 proteins) of the predicted genes of fission yeast, Schizosaccharomyces pombe, presenting the largest protein dataset to date for this important model organism. We obtained this high proteome and peptide (11.4 peptides/protein) coverage by a combination of extensive sample(More)
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