Hai Yang Li

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BACKGROUND Aortic arch surgery for patients with acute aortic dissection is frequently complicated by excessive bleeding and transfusion of allogeneic blood products. However, the physiopathology of acute aortic dissection and surgery-induced coagulopathy has never been precisely studied. The aim of the present study is to describe the changes of the(More)
This report presents the results of serological analyses made by the laboratory of the Treponematoses Control Project, Indonesia, from its establishment in April 1951 until April 1953. All sera were tested quantitatively with the VDRL and Kline slide-tests or the Kahn test, or with all three.A study of the mean reagin titre in untreated yaws cases showed(More)
Though trauma related to direct laryngoscopy may occur anywhere from the lips to the glottis, damage to the epiglottis during intubation is a rare complication. Although large hematoma formation in the epiglottis after intubation is uncommon, its nature is potentially lethal. We report a case of epiglottic hematoma secondary to endotracheal intubation.
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