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Curcumin has anticancer functions in various tumors. It has been shown to induce apoptosis through p53-dependent pathways. p73 gene is a member of the p53 family which encodes both a tumor suppressor (transactivation-competent p73 (TAp73)) and a putative oncogene (dominant-negative p73 (DNp73)); the former shares similarity with the tumor suppressor p53,(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the effect of catalpol on choline acetyl-transferase and M receptor affinity in a PC12 cell model and a rat model induced by beta-amyloid 25-35 (Aβ25-35). METHODS In PC12 cells, catalpol (10μmol/l, 100μmol/) or saline was retained in the medium and Aβ25-35 (final concentration 20μmol/l) was added. Choline acetyl-transferase (ChAT)(More)
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