Hai Xiang Lin

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In this article, we discuss the performance modeling and optimization of Sparse Matrix-Vector Multiplication ( ) on NVIDIA GPUs using CUDA. has a very low computation-data ratio and its performance is mainly bound by the memory bandwidth. We propose optimization of based on ELLPACK from two aspects: (1) enhanced performance for the dense vector by reducing(More)
Metabolic pathway alignment has been widely used to find one-to-one and/or one-to-many reaction mappings to identify the alternative pathways that have similar functions through different sets of reactions, which has important applications in reconstructing phylogeny and understanding metabolic functions. The existing alignment methods exhaustively search(More)
SUMMARY For the solutions of linear systems of equations with unsymmetric coeecient matrices, we propose an improved version of the quasi-minimal residual (IQMR) method by using the Lanczos process as a major component combining elements of numerical stability and parallel algorithm design. For Lanc-zos process, stability is obtained by a coupled two-term(More)
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