Hai Xiang Hu

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Seismic refraction, profiles in Yunnan Province, southwestern China, define the crustal structure in an area of active tectonics on the southern end of the Himalaya-Burma arc. The crustal thickness ranges from 38 to 46 kilometers, and the relatively low mean crustal velocity indicates a crustal composition compatible with normal continental crust and(More)
Modulated by delay feedback (DF), a reaction-diffusion system is destabilized and undergoes pattern transitions in the parametric region where the undelayed system spontaneously exhibits a bulk oscillation. By varying the feedback parameters, oscillatory hexagon superlattices and stripes, as well as stationary hexagons are observed. Meanwhile, the hexagon(More)
Inward and outward spiral waves as well as inward target waves are induced by local delay feedback in a reaction-diffusion system exhibiting a Turing hexagon pattern spontaneously. The system gives rise to large-amplitude sinusoidal oscillations when the inward spiral waves are observed. Compared with the inward spirals, the outward spiral waves usually(More)
In this paper, a compact W-band multi-layer four-way substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) power combiner/divider is analyzed and demonstrated numerically/experimentally. The proposed power combiner/divider is realized by using a highperformance transition structure between multi-layer SIWs and rectangular waveguide. Both numerical and experimental results(More)
Various oscillatory superlattice patterns in a reaction-diffusion system are observed by means of delay feedback (DF) in the parametric domain where the system without DF displays uniform bulk oscillation. By varying DF parameters within an appropriate range, the system undergoes transitions to oscillatory hexagons, stripes and squares, and square(More)
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