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The contents of heavy metals in soils and dust of urban parks in Shanghai were studied, and the spatial distribution of heavy metals was also analyzed. The results showed that the average contents of Pb (55.06 mg x kg(-1)), Zn(198.54 mg x kg(-1)), Cu(44.57 mg x kg(-1)), Cr (77.01 mg x kg(-1)), Cd (0.40 mg x kg(-1)) and Ni (31.17 mg x kg(-1)) in soils were(More)
Among the several typologies of storage technologies, mainly on different physical principles (mechanical, electrical and chemical), hydrogen produced by power to gas (P2G) from renewable energy sources complies with chemical storage principle and is based on the conversion of electrical energy into chemical energy by means of the electrolysis of water(More)
Hydrazine borane N2H4BH3 and alkali derivatives (i.e., lithium, sodium and potassium hydrazinidoboranes MN2H3BH3 with M = Li, Na and K) have been considered as potential chemical hydrogen storage materials. They belong to the family of boronand nitrogen-based materials and the present article aims at providing a timely review while focusing on fundamentals(More)
Developing nonprecious oxygen evolution electrocatalysts that can work well at large current densities is of primary importance in a viable water-splitting technology. Herein, a facile ultrafast (5 s) synthetic approach is reported that produces a novel, efficient, non-noble metal oxygen-evolution nano-electrocatalyst that is composed of amorphous Ni-Fe(More)
The dehydriding process and hydrogen–deuterium exchange (H–D exchange) of xLiBH4 + (1 − x)Mg2FeD6 (x = 0.25, 0.75) composites has been studied in detail. For the composition with x = 0.25, only one overlapping mass peak of all hydrogen and deuterium related species was observed in mass spectrometry. This implied the simultaneous dehydriding of LiBH4 and(More)
Hydrogen has a very diverse chemistry and reacts with most other elements to form compounds, which have fascinating structures, compositions and properties. Complex metal hydrides are a rapidly expanding class of materials, approaching multi-functionality, in particular within the energy storage field. This review illustrates that complex metal hydrides may(More)
This paper provides a critical study of current Australian and leading international policies aimed at supporting electrical energy storage for stationary power applications with a focus on battery and hydrogen storage technologies. It demonstrates that global leaders such as Germany and the U.S. are actively taking steps to support energy storage(More)
A new mini-spectrophotometer was developed by adopting micro-silicon slit and pixel segmentation technology, and this spectrophotometer used photoelectron diode array as the detector by the back-dividing-light way. At first, the effect of the spectral bandwidth on the tested absorbance linear correlation was analyzed. A theory for the design of(More)
Combined thermodynamical and structural studies have confirmed the occurrence of multimode hydriding/dehydriding reactions of CaPd that vary depending on temperature, and that these reactions proceed via hydrogen solution/dissolution in the temperature range 273-523 K and via phase decomposition/recombination in the temperature range 523-773 K.