Hai Wang

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The idea of posing queries in terms of similarity of objects, rather than equality or inequality, is of growing importance in new database applications, such as data mining or data warehousing. In this dissertation, the notion of similarity is deened in terms of a distance function and a set of linear transformations. This turns out to be a proper notion of(More)
Detailed chemical reaction mechanisms describing hydrocarbon combustion chemistry are conceptually structured in a hierarchical manner with H 2 and CO chemistry at the base, supplemented as needed by elementary reactions of larger chemical species. While this structure gives a logical organization to combustion chemistry, the degree to which this(More)
As distributed systems such as Internet and Integrated Services Digital Networks (ISDN) become increasingly complex, the interactions among numerous components and workloads make system performance diicult to predict reliably. It is increasingly important to apply suitable performance evaluation tools to aid system analysis and design, system connguration(More)
The ability to draw logical conclusions in ontologies from explicitly given axioms and facts is one of the key advantages of using semantic technologies. Based on the W3C recommendation of the Web Ontology Language (OWL) a variety of reasoners have been developed for this task. Different language profiles, reasoning algorithms, and special-purpose(More)
The special configuration of a serial-parallel type machine tool possesses five degrees of freedom and provides more flexibility in NC machining. The parallel spindle platform plays the key role in manipulating three directions of movement. In this study, the inverse kinematics analysis of the platform is derived first. A sensitivity model of the spindle(More)
We report an experiment in which long-lived quantum memories for photonic polarization qubits (PPQs) are controllably released into any one of multiple spatially-separate channels. The PPQs are implemented with an arbitrarily-polarized coherent signal light pulses at the single-photon level and are stored in cold atoms by means of(More)
Horizontal parallax is the foundation of stereoscopic viewing. However, the human eye will feel uncomfortable and it will occur diplopia if horizontal parallax is larger than eye separation. Therefore, we need to do parallax refining before conducting stereoscopic observation. Although some scholars have been devoted to online remote sensing refining, the(More)
While the quality of life is improving, people care about healthy more than they ever do in the past. Healthcare system and sports management system is useful to everyone. But wearing special instrument is really hard to insist. People carry smartphones everywhere. Accelerometer in smartphones can do activity recognition to support sports management. We use(More)