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Image fusion involves merging two or more images into a single image with more details and information. Recently, multiscale transform approaches are very useful for analyzing the information content of images for the purpose of fusion. The nonsubsampled contourlet transform (NSCT) can provide a flexible multiscale, multidirection, and shift-invariant image(More)
Sixty daughters whose mothers had breast cancer were cross-sectionally studied. Daughters age 11-20 reported feeling significantly more uncomfortable about involvement in their mothers' illness than daughters age 20+. Daughters whose mothers died were more likely to report long-term life plan changes and role changes with their mothers during the mothers'(More)
Sixty daughters of mothers with breast cancer were matched for age, educational level, and race with 60 comparison subjects without a maternal history of breast cancer to assess the impact on psychological adjustment, coping, body image, sexual functioning, and health knowledge and practices of having had a mother with breast cancer. Daughters of breast(More)
Thirty-four long-term survivors of testicular cancer and their wives were interviewed individually almost four years past the end of treatment to measure psychological and relationship functioning. Factors identified as important for couple adjustment to cancer--good communication, spousal support, and marital satisfaction--all acted positively to(More)
It is believed that there are two distinct pathological pathways leading to the development of human glioblastomas (GBM) in Caucasian populations. Primary (de novo) GBM most often occurs in older individuals, and is characterized by the overexpression/amplification of epidermal growth factor receptor gene (EGFR), whereas secondary GBM, which progresses from(More)
The ability to draw logical conclusions in ontologies from explicitly given axioms and facts is one of the key advantages of using semantic technologies. Based on the W3C recommendation of the Web Ontology Language (OWL) a variety of reasoners have been developed for this task. Different language profiles, reasoning algorithms, and special-purpose(More)
Obesity has been associated with the excessive intake of palatable food as well as physical inactivity. To investigate the neurobiological mechanism underlying the exercised-induced prevention and treatment of obesity, the present study examined the effect of treadmill exercise on the preference for palatable food in mice. Levels of tyrosine hydroxylase(More)
With the advent of the Internet, security has become a major concern. An intrusion detection system is used to enhance the security of networks by inspecting all inbound and outbound network activities and by identifying suspicious patterns as possible intrusions. For the past two decades, many researchers are working in Intrusion Detection Systems. In(More)
The Go-Back-N and Selective-Repeat automatic repeat request (ARQ) protocols are widely used for error control in computer-communication networks. They are nearly optimal for channels characterized by low error rates and small propagation delays, and thus suitable for many classical data transmission applications. However, these protocols are not eecient for(More)
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