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PURPOSE To describe the cumulative 5 year incidence of visual field loss in adult Chinese in Greater Beijing. METHODS The Beijing Eye Study 2006 included 3251 subjects (mean age 60.4±10.1 years) who had participated in the Beijing Eye Study 2001 and returned for re-examination. All participants underwent a comprehensive eye examination, including visual(More)
In this study we determined the effects of Curcumin on human colon cancer cells line LoVo. We found that Curcumin significantly inhibited the proliferation, migration and invasion, and clone formation of LoVo cells in a dose-dependent manner. Curcumin also dose-dependently reduced the phosphorylation of proteins Akt and increased expression levels of the(More)
  • H T Zhang
  • 1997
The spontaneous withdrawal from morphine in morphine-dependent rats significantly decreased the duration of active interaction in social interaction test and the number of licks during the shock-punished period in Vogel's conflict procedure, which were attenuated by buspirone, a 5-HT1A agonist, as well as para-chlorophenylalanine (PCPA), an inhibitor of(More)
The anxiolytic effects of buspirone (Bus) and clonidine (Clo) were studied in the social interaction (SI) test and the elevated plus-maze (EPM) in rats. Bus 1 mg.kg-1 (ip, 15 min) and Clo 10 micrograms.kg-1 (ip, 15 min) prolonged the active interaction time (AIT) in the SI test. While neither Bus 0.3 mg.kg-1 nor Clo 3 micrograms.kg-1 was effective in this(More)
AIM To study the anxiogenic effect of naltrexone (Nal) on the emotional state of rats. METHODS The duration of active interaction was measured in the social interaction test in rats. RESULTS Without influence on the locomotor activity, Nal (0.1-50 mg.kg-1) dose- and time-dependently decreased the duration of active interaction, which was antagonized by(More)
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