Hai-Shuan Lam

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High definition video applications often require heavy computation, high bandwidth and high memory requirements which make their real-time implementation difficult. Multi-core architecture with parallelism provides new solutions to implementing complex multimedia applications in real-time. It is well-known that the speed of the H.264 encoder can be(More)
Over the last few years, the Internet has been increasingly used for education and research purposes. In particular, since the introduction of streaming video technology for the Internet, there has been a large interest in broadcasting engineering courses in part over the Internet. This paper discusses topics on how to prepare a streaming video in several(More)
The explosive growth of e-business activities implemented over Web services has created a need for optimizing the throughput of Web server applications. Due to its portability and multithreading capability, Java has become the popular language for developing Web applications. The performance of Java application greatly depends on its bytecode interpreter(More)
Nowadays, cellular phone is becoming an important mobile wireless communication means, especially in metropolitan areas. One of the important operating considerations of cellular phone service providers is to maintain good speech quality of the cellular phone network. Subjective evaluation by repeated listening tests at various sites within the coverage(More)
The current demand of e-commerce has increased the requirement of efficiency on Java server-side applications. Hence, the continuous availability and the good response-time of the Java virtual machine are needed to satisfy the continuous incoming request from remote clients. This project studied the optimization of garbage collector in Java virtual machine(More)
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