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This paper addresses the problem of reconstructing the 3D motion trajectories of particle swarms using two temporally synchronized and geometrically calibrated cameras. The 3D trajectory reconstruction problem involves two challenging tasks - stereo matching and temporal tracking. Existing methods separate the two and process them one at a time(More)
Complex dynamics of natural particle systems, such as insect swarms, bird flocks, fish schools, has attracted great attention of scientists for years. Measuring 3D trajectory of each individual in a group is vital for quantitative study of their dynamic properties, yet such empirical data is rare mainly due to the challenges of maintaining the identities of(More)
Social behavior of animal group, such as insect swarm, bird flock, fish school, has captivated strong interest of scientists in many fields for years. Acquiring 3D motion trajectory of each individual in a swarm is vital for quantitative study of such behavior, yet this task is challenging due to large numbers of individuals, similar visual feature and(More)
bstract. Three-dimensional human faces have been applied in any fields, such as face animation, identity recognition, and facial lastic surgery. Segmenting and aligning 3-D faces from raw canned data is the first vital step toward making these applications uccessful. However, the existence of artifacts, facial expressions, nd noises poses many challenges to(More)
For pattern synthesis of arrays, it is required to find out appropriate weighting vectors to yield a desired radiation pattern. It is well known that several methods for above purpose are available in literature. It is an established fact that when an attempt is made to reduce the first sidelobe level, the beamwidth increases. However, it is of interest in(More)
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