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Physicians have many questions when caring for patients, and frequently need to seek answers for their questions. Information retrieval systems (e.g., PubMed) typically return a list of documents in response to a user's query. Frequently the number of returned documents is large and makes physicians' information seeking "practical only 'after hours' and not(More)
The interaction of a pair of weakly coupled biological bursters is examined.Bursting refers to oscillations in which an observable slowly alternates between phases of relative quiescence and rapid oscillatory behavior. The motivation for this work is to understand the role of electrical coupling in promoting the synchronization of bursting electrical(More)
The purpose of this paper is to improve the performance of the traditional optimum space-time adaptive processing (STAP). The signal model and the basic idea of the STAP are given, and then a robust STAP algorithm is propounded. In this algorithm, a linear estimation is used to estimate the direction of arrival. Theoretical analysis and simulation results(More)
In order to improve the underwater vehicle positioning precision, a new underwater nonlinear information fusion algorithm based on hydrodynamic model and unscented Kalman filter was proposed. Hydrodynamic dead reckoning model represented sailing nonlinearity preferably, and the algorithm using unscented Kalman filter avoided linearization error. To confirm(More)
The existing geomagnetic filtering navigation algorithm has some shortages. Especially with the influence of error and environment interference, the filtering diverges easily. Aiming at resolving this problem, geomagnetic filtering navigation information fusion algorithm is presented according to the characteristic of underwater vehicle. in order to(More)
The purpose of this paper is to estimate the interference subspace quickly. The fundamental of Multistage Wiener Filter(MWF) is given. The shortage of the MWF is pointed out and then a new real-time subspace tracking algorithm is propounded. Theoretical analysis and simulation results show that the interference subspace could be tracked quickly by utilized(More)
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