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Bearing failure is one of the foremost causes of breakdowns in rotating machinery and such failure can be catastrophic, resulting in costly downtime. One of the key issues in bearing prognostics is to detect the defect at its incipient stage and alert the operator before it develops into a catastrophic failure. Signal de-noising and extraction of the weak(More)
In today's global competitive marketplace, there is intense pressure for manufacturing industries to continuously reduce and eliminate costly, unscheduled downtime and unexpected breakdowns. With the advent of Internet and tether-free technologies, companies necessitate dramatic changes in transforming traditional ''fail and fix (FAF)'' maintenance(More)
The need for sustainable development has been widely recognized and sustainable development has become a hot topic of various disciplines even though the role of ergonomics in it is seldom reported or considered. This study conducts a systematic survey of research publications in the fields of ergonomics and sustainable development over the past two decades(More)
The design, synthesis and biological evaluation of the cationic lipid gene delivery vectors based on cholesterol and natural amino acids lysine or histidine are described. Cationic liposomes composed of the newly synthesized cationic lipids 1a or 1b and neutral lipid DOPE (1,2-dioleoyl-L-α-glycero-3-phosphatidyl-ethanolamine) exhibited good transfection(More)
— A class of large-scale systems, which is naturally divided into many smaller interacting subsystems, is usually controlled by a distributed or decentralized control framework. In this case, how to improve the performance of the entire system is a problem. A novel distributed model predictive control (MPC) is proposed for improving the global performance.(More)