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IQGAPs, GTPase-activating proteins with an IQ motif, are thought to regulate many actin cytoskeleton-based activities through interactions with Cdc42 and Rac. Recently, Cdc42 was implicated in regulation of gastric parietal cell HCl secretion, and IQGAP2 was immunolocalized with Cdc42 to F-actin-rich intracellular canalicular membranes of isolated gastric(More)
AIM Rectal adenocarcinoma (READ) is a malignancy cancer with the high morbidity and motility worldwide. Our study aimed to explore the potential pathogenesis of READ through integrated analysis of gene expression profiling and DNA methylation data. METHODS The miRNA, mRNA expression profiling and corresponding DNA methylation data were downloaded from The(More)
To a large extent, governments and organizations worldwide have recognized that either the broader information communication technologies (ICTs) sector or specifically with respect to Internet, are becoming crucial components of global commerce and human society. However, discussions on the socioeconomic impacts of ICTs and Internet have been taken place(More)
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