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The mangrove ecosystem is a largely unexplored source for actinomycetes with the potential to produce biologically active secondary metabolites. Consequently, we set out to isolate, characterize and screen actinomycetes from soil and plant material collected from eight mangrove sites in China. Over 2,000 actinomycetes were isolated and of these(More)
Dynamic ensemble learning methods explore the use of different classifiers for different samples, therefore, may get better generalization ability than static ensemble learning methods. However, for most of dynamic approaches based on KNN rule, it needs to take out additional part of training samples to estimate " local classification performance " of each(More)
Adults of the yellow-spined bamboo locust, Ceracris kiangsu Tsai (Orthoptera: Oedipodidae), aggregate and gnaw at human urine-contaminated materials, a phenomenon termed puddling. Several urine-borne chemicals, including NaCl, are known to stimulate adult C. kiangsu to consume filter paper. Because in nature C. kiangsu adults may use cues to locate puddling(More)
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