Hai Long Piao

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Rice is cultivated in water-logged paddy lands. Thus, rice root hairs on the epidermal layers are exposed to a different redox status of nitrogen species, organic acids, and metal ions than root hairs growing in drained soil. To identify genes that play an important role in root hair growth, a forward genetics approach was used to screen for short-root-hair(More)
Dynamin, a GTP-binding protein found in rat brain, plays a role in endocytosis. Suborganellar fractionation studies of Arabidopsis leaf tissue revealed that a dynamin-like protein, ADL1, is localized in the thylakoid membranes of chloroplasts. This notion was supported further by in vivo targeting experiments using an ADL1-green fluorescent fusion protein(More)
Previous studies have shown that pairs of closely-linked Ac/Ds transposable elements can induce various chromosomal rearrangements in plant genomes. To study chromosomal rearrangements in rice, we isolated a line (OsRLG5-161) that contains two inversely-oriented Ds insertions in OsRLG5 (Oryza sativa Receptor like kinase Gene 5). Among approximately 300(More)
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