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We consider all 1/2 BPS excitations of AdS × S configurations in both type IIB string theory and M-theory. In the dual field theories these excitations are described by free fermions. Configurations which are dual to arbitrary droplets of free fermions in phase space correspond to smooth geometries with no horizons. In fact, the ten dimensional geometry(More)
We study theories with sixteen supercharges and a discrete energy spectrum. One class of theories has symmetry group SU(2|4). They arise as truncations of N = 4 super Yang Mills. They include the plane wave matrix model, 2+1 super Yang Mills on R × S2 and N = 4 super Yang Mills on R × S/Zk. We explain how to obtain their gravity duals in a unified way. We(More)
Protein conformational diseases, including Alzheimer's, Huntington's, and Parkinson's diseases, result from protein misfolding, giving a distinct fibrillar feature termed amyloid. Recent studies show that only the globular (not fibrillar) conformation of amyloid proteins is sufficient to induce cellular pathophysiology. However, the 3D structural(More)
Hemichannels in the overlapping regions of apposing cells plasma membranes join to form gap junctions and provide an intercellular communication pathway. Hemichannels are also present in the nonjunctional regions of individual cells and their activity is gated by several agents, including calcium. However, their physiological roles are unknown. Using(More)
In the Streptozotocin-induced diabetic rat heart, a decrease in the conductivity and suppression of electrical cell-to-cell coupling were observed. To clarify this mechanism, the present study was performed to investigate alterations of the gap junction connexin 43 (C×43) using immunoblotting, immunohistochemistry, electron-microscopic analyses. An enhanced(More)
Most modern white-grained wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) cultivars in China lack sprouting resistance. Some white grain varieties showed lower preharvest sprouting percentage in different years. Tolerance to sprouting in most cultivars comes from the varieties, Wanxian White, Fulingxuxu White, Suiningtuotuo, and Yongchuan White. The α-amylase inhibitor gene(More)
Using an atomic force microscope, we have studied three-dimensional molecular topography and calcium-sensitive conformational changes of individual hemichannels. Full-length (non-truncated) Cx43 hemichannels (connexons), when reconstituted in lipid bilayer, appear as randomly distributed individual particles and clusters. They show a lack of preferential(More)
Micro-indels (insertions or deletions shorter than 21 bps) constitute the second most frequent class of human gene mutation after single nucleotide variants. Despite the relative abundance of non-frameshifting indels, their damaging effect on protein structure and function has gone largely unstudied. We have developed a support vector machine-based method(More)
The probiotic lactic acid bacterium Lactobacillus rhamnosus (strain HN001) is known to stimulate enhanced innate and acquired immune responses in mice, following oral delivery. Here, the ability of HN001 to confer immune enhancement and protection against an oral challenge of Salmonella typhimurium was investigated. HN001-fed and non-probiotic-fed control(More)
The stress responses and possible oxidative damage in plasma, liver and heart were investigated in broiler chickens acutely exposed to high temperature. Eighty 5-week old broiler chickens were exposed to 32 degrees C for 6h. The extent of lipid peroxidation, activities of superoxide dismutase and total antioxidant power in plasma, liver and heart tissues(More)