Hai-Lin Deng

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The cause of the most marked changes in the evolution of life, which define the first-order stratigraphic boundary between the Precambrian and the Phanerozoic eon, remains enigmatic and a highly topical subject of debate. A global ocean anoxic event, triggered by large-scale hydrogen sulphide (H(2)S) release to surface waters, has been suggested by Wille et(More)
In order to compensate the nonlinear distortion of the traveling wave tube amplifiers (TWTAs), a new analog predistortion linearizer based on vector synthesis technique is presented. This linearizer consists of quadrature hybrids, adjustable analog attenuator based on PIN diodes and nonlinear circuit based on Schottky diodes. The analog predistortion(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the significance of detecting autoantibodies in primary hepatocarcinoma (PHC) patients. METHODS Autoantibodies were detected by indirect immunofluorescence assay. Antigens and antibodies of HBV were determined by enzyme immune assay. Antibody to HCV IgG was detected by enzyme-linked immunoabsorbent assay. RESULTS The positive rate of(More)
AIM To separate and purify the anti-myocardial ischemic polysaccharide fraction with a homogenous molecular weight from Ophiopogon japonicus, then study the chemical structure of the parts. METHODS Crude polysaccharides were prepared by extracting the tube root fraction of Ophiopogon japonicus with water, then precipitation with ethanol. From the crude(More)
This paper using vector diagram illuminates the operation principle of vector synthesis predistortions and proves they can control amplitude modulation to amplitude modulation (AM/AM) and amplitude modulation to phase modulation (AM/PM) separately. A vector synthesis predistortion linearizer is designed to verify this thought and the results show the(More)
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