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BACKGROUND The regulation and maintenance of intracellular pH are critical to diverse metabolic functions of the living cells. Fluorescence time-resolved techniques and instrumentations have advanced rapidly and enabled the imaging of intracellular pH based on the fluorescence lifetimes. METHODS The frequency-domain fluorescence lifetime imaging(More)
Increases in key components of adipogenesis and lipolysis pathways correlate at the population-averaged level during adipogenesis. However, differentiating preadipocytes are highly heterogeneous in cellular and lipid droplet (LD) morphologies, and the degree to which individual cells follow population-averaged trends is unclear. In this study, we analyze(More)
Microscopy often reveals the existence of phenotypically distinct cellular subpopulations. However, additional characterization of observed subpopulations can be limited by the number of biomolecular markers that can be simultaneously monitored. Here we present a computational approach for extensibly profiling cellular subpopulations by freeing one or more(More)
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