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MOTIVATION Pathway modeling requires the integration of multiple data including prior knowledge. In this study, we quantitatively assess the application of Gene Ontology (GO)-derived similarity measures for the characterization of direct and indirect interactions within human regulatory pathways. The characterization would help the integration of prior(More)
During wound healing, stem cells provide functional mature cells to meet acute demands for tissue regeneration. Simultaneously, the tissue must maintain a pool of stem cells to sustain its future regeneration capability. However, how these requirements are balanced in response to injury is unknown. Here we demonstrate that after wounding or ultraviolet type(More)
Terrain is an ordered surface where locations relate to each other through their elevations. Preservation of this topo-graphic orderliness by an interpolation method so that " if point A is higher than point B in the terrain, the interpolated elevation of A remains higher " is important to assure the practical value of the resultant DEM. Based on the(More)
The Active Straight Leg Raise (ASLR) is an important test in diagnosing pelvic girdle pain (PGP). It is difficult to understand what happens normally during the ASLR, let alone why it would be impaired in PGP. In the present study, healthy subjects performed the ASLR under normal conditions, with weight added above the ankle, and while wearing a pelvic(More)
This paper describes a linear predictive (LP) speech synthesis procedure that resynthesizes speech using a 6th-order polynomial waveform to model the glottal excitation. The coefficients of the polynomial model form a vector that represents the glottal excitation waveform for one pitch period. A glottal excitation code book with 32 entries for voiced(More)
Calcium binding proteins are well known to be expressed by different groups of hippocampal interneurons; however, whether voltage-dependent calcium channels (Ca(v)) are also localized in these neurons, changed during and after status epilepticus (SE), and involved in epileptic activity have not been reported. In the present study, we showed the(More)
Macrophages play a critical role in the initiation and progression of various solid tumors. However, their prognostic significance in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) is poorly understood. This study investigated the distribution patterns of macrophages in PDAC and possible association with the overall survival (OS). We found significant differences(More)
Women with pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain (PPP), or athletes with groin pain, may have trouble with the active straight leg raise (ASLR), for which a pelvic belt can be beneficial. How the problems emerge, or how the belt works, remains insufficiently understood. We assessed muscle activity during ASLR, and how it changes with a pelvic belt. Healthy(More)
In speeding-up normal walking, relative phase between horizontal thorax and pelvis rotations changes from more in-phase (synchronous) to more out-of-phase. In pathology (stroke, Parkinson's disease, low-back pain, pregnancy-related pelvic girdle pain), this often fails to happen. Even in healthy gait, however, these phenomena remain poorly understood.(More)