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Existing research on DEM vertical accuracy assessment uses mainly statistical methods, in particular variance and RMSE which are both based on the error propagation theory in statistics. This article demonstrates that error propagation theory is not applicable because the critical assumption behind it cannot be satisfied. In fact, the non-random,(More)
MOTIVATION Pathway modeling requires the integration of multiple data including prior knowledge. In this study, we quantitatively assess the application of Gene Ontology (GO)-derived similarity measures for the characterization of direct and indirect interactions within human regulatory pathways. The characterization would help the integration of prior(More)
Service-oriented architecture (SOA) for distributed computing has become increasingly popular due to the great advantage that distributed applications can be rapidly synthesized with the needed services provided by various service providers through broadband networks. Systems based on SOA are called Service-based Systems (SBS). An important and difficult(More)
We developed a quality assurance (QA) tool, namely microarray outlier filter (MOF), and have applied it to our microarray datasets for the identification of problematic arrays. Our approach is based on the comparison of the arrays using the correlation coefficient and the number of outlier spots generated on each array to reveal outlier arrays. For a human(More)
Cholesterol supersaturation of bile is one prerequisite for gallstone formation. In the present study of Chinese patients with gallstones, we investigated whether this phenomenon was correlated with the hepatic expression of genes participating in the metabolism of cholesterol and bile acids. Twenty-two nonobese, normolipidemic patients (female-male, 11:11)(More)
The linkage between the clinical and laboratory research domains is a key issue in translational research. Integration of clinicopathologic data alone is a major task given the number of data elements involved. For a translational research environment, it is critical to make these data usable at the point-of-need. Individual systems have been developed to(More)