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This paper summarizes the Bochum/USC face recognition system, our preparations for the FERET Phase III test, and test results as far as they have been made known to us. Our technology is based on Gabor wavelets and elastic bunch graph matching. We brieey discuss our technology in relation to biological and PCA based systems and indicate current activities(More)
An online facial expression recognition system based on personalized galleries is presented. This system is built on the framework of the PersonSpotter system, which is able to track and detect the face of a person in a live video sequence. By utilizing the recognition method of Elastic Graph Matching, the most similar person whose images are stored in the(More)
Through surveys of 1,673 students, 1,685 parents, 1,013 teachers, 9,693 principals, and 1,865 superintendents across the United States, this study explores perceptions, access, and barriers to computer science education at the K-12 level. We found most respondents were unable to distinguish computer literacy activities from computer science, with female,(More)
Integrated media workstations are increasingly being used for creating, editing, and monitoring sound that is associated with video or computer-generated images. While the requirements for high quality reproduction in large-scale systems are well understood, these have not yet been adequately translated to the workstation environment. In this paper we(More)
A novel elastic image registration approach is proposed, which can register both 2D medical images and gel electrophoresis automatically and accurately. Firstly, the global affine registration method based on image intensity is used to initialise a starting estimation of the robust registration algorithm. Then, by using iterative landmark based algorithm,(More)
Increasing women's participation in computer science is a critical workforce and equity concern. The technology industry has committed to reversing negative trends for women in computer science as well as engineering and information technology "computing" fields. Building on previously published research, this paper identifies factors that influence young(More)
To better understand the mechanisms of intracellular trafficking and presentation of exogenous peptides by antigen-presenting cells (APC), we compared the handling of overlapping 24-mer peptides from HIV Nef either mixed or covalently linked in tandem in one protein. Once internalized, peptides trafficked not only to endosomes but also to cytosol, and(More)
BACKGROUND Endoscopic thyroidectomy making the scar outside the neck area has a cosmetic appeal for patients. Based on an anterior chest wall approach combined with the gasless technique, we developed a novel method for gasless endoscopic thyroidectomy with a single incision. MATERIALS AND METHODS From March 2009 to November 2010, 48 patients with benign(More)