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In this paper, molecular dynamics simulations of a simple Lennard-Jones fluid confined in narrow slit pores and undergoing shear have been performed. The aim is to investigate the effects of density inhomogeneities at the fluid-solid interfaces on the shear viscosity profiles. It has been found that the local viscosity was varying strongly with the distance(More)
Using molecular dynamics simulations on inhomogeneous fluids, we have studied the effects of strong density inhomogeneities of varying wavelengths on the shear viscosity computed locally. For dense fluids, the local average density model combined with an adequate weight function yields a good description of the viscosity profiles obtained by simulations.(More)
In this article, the coupling between swelling and shear in liquid saturated slit nanopores is studied using molecular dynamics simulations on Lennard-Jones systems. First, the consistency of the simulations using thermodynamics and direct routes is validated when dealing separately with swelling and shear. Then, the coupling between swelling and shear is(More)
This paper presents a multi-agent system called ISAME, for retrieving information from heterogeneous distributed sources. ISAME constitutes a virtual library that supplies a set of software agents with a simplified access to a set of dynamic information sources available under electronic formats, as well as services for facilitating and optimizing(More)
This work focuses on a possible influence of a nanoporous medium on the thermodiffusion of a fluid "isotopic" mixture. To do so, we performed molecular dynamics simulations of confined Lennard-Jones binary equimolar mixtures using grand-canonical like and non-equilibrium approaches in sub- and super-critical conditions. The study was conducted in atomistic(More)