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In October 2011, an investigation was conducted on the macrobenthos at 45 sampling sites in the Weihe River basin of Northwest China. A total of 116 macrobenthos species were collected, of which, 91 species (78.4%) were aquatic insects, 12 species (10.3%) were mollusks, 9 species (7.8%) were annelids, and 4 species (3.4%) were crustaceans. According to the(More)
Five species of Ooctonus Haliday (Hymenoptera, Mymaridae) from Heilongjiang Province, China, are reviewed. One species, Ooctonushuberi sp. n., is described as new, and four species, Ooctonusorientalis Doutt, Ooctonussaturn Triapitsyn, Ooctonussublaevis Förster and Ooctonusvulgatus Haliday are reported as new to China. A key to the females of the 10(More)
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