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Candida parapsilosis, which was previously considered to be a complex of three genetically distinct groups, has emerged as a significant agent of nosocomial infections. Recently, this complex was separated into three species: C. parapsilosis sensu stricto, C. orthopsilosis and C. metapsilosis. In China, data pertaining to these fungi are limited. In this(More)
BACKGROUND Transmitted drug-resistant HIV slowly reverts in the blood to drug-sensitive virus. The environment of the male genital tract (MGT) may result in even slower rates of reversion to drug susceptibility. METHODS We measured the decay of resistance in longitudinally collected blood and semen samples from 5 individuals newly infected with HIV(More)
This paper describes a spatial discretization scheme for partial differential equation systems that contain anisotropic diffusion. The discretization method uses unstructured finite volumes, or the boxes, that are formed as a secondary geometric structure from an underlying triangular mesh. We show how the discretization can be interpreted as a resistive(More)
INTRODUCTION We hypothesized that pleocytosis, which is a marker of central nervous system (CNS) inflammation, would result in viral genetic equilibration or de-compartmentalization between HIV populations in the blood and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), suggesting viral trafficking. METHODS Study subjects, who started or interrupted their antiretroviral(More)
We derive the constant-j box method discretization for the convection-diiusion equation, rj = f, with j = ?ru + u. In two dimensions, is a 2 2 symmetric, positive deenite tensor eld and is a two-dimensional vector eld. This derivation generalizes the well-known Scharfetter-Gummel discretization of the continuity equations in semiconductor device simulation.(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to investigate the cost-effectiveness of laparoscopic treatment for ectopic pregnancy by comparing the medical expenses and time of hospitalization of laparoscopic and open surgery for ectopic pregnancy in partial area of Shanghai, China. MATERIALS AND METHODS Clinical data of 762 cases with ectopic pregnancy undergoing(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the main reasons that perimenopausal and postmenopausal women have for seeking treatment and factors influencing their symptoms in order to provide (peri-) menopausal women with better healthcare treatments. MATERIALS AND METHODS Interviews were conducted with 357 (peri-) menopausal women who sought outpatient treatment at The Sixth(More)
Slip instability and tensor instability are two kinds of failure modes of cemented waste rock backfills. In order to simulate the creep characteristics of cemented waste rock backfills, PFC was carried out. The results show that: rocks inside the models will have displacement under load. The expansion is caused by large lateral displacement of the rocks. A(More)
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