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— This paper proposes a new sliding mode design concept, namely Adaptive Seeking Sliding Mode control for a class of nonlinear systems. While reserving the properties of the sliding mode control, like insensitivity to parameter variations and complete rejection of disturbances, Adaptive Seeking Sliding Mode control offers a promising robust sliding mode(More)
This work describes a device for electrochemical enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) designed for low-resource settings and diagnostics at the point of care. The device is fabricated entirely in hydrophobic paper, produced by silanization of paper with decyl trichlorosilane, and comprises two zones separated by a central crease: an embossed microwell,(More)
Time series data streams are common in wireless sensor networks in nowadays. This type of data is having uncertainty due to the limitation of the measuring equipments or other sources of corrupting noise, leading to uncertain data. As uncertain streaming data is continuously generated, mining algorithms should be able to analyze the uncertain data. To(More)
  • H D Yu
  • 1978
In order to find an easily available, simple, reliable and inexpensive method for demonstrating significant bacteriuria in routine urine examination, microscopic observation and bacteriological cultures have been made in parallel on total of 206 urine samples. Microscopic examinations of centrifuged deposit for both pus cells and bacteria were found to be(More)
Hardware/software (hw/sw) partitioning is a critical step in the co-design, it directly affects the system performance largely. Targeting the shortcomings existed in the traditional algorithms, in this paper a guiding function based greedy partitioning algorithm (GFBGPA) is presented. The algorithm especially aims at the parameterized FPGA coprocessors(More)
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