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This paper proposes a new motion vector (MV) smoothing algorithm to track the real motion in image sequences for MPEG video encoders. First, a pre-checking algorithm is employed to eliminate wrong motion vectors and preserve all possible motion vectors. For each block considered, the motion similarity between the neighboring blocks and the number of(More)
In this paper, we propose a fast and effective mode decision (MD) algorithm based on rate distortion optimization (RDO) for AVS high definition video encoder. The fast algorithm is composed of two parts. Firstly, mode pre-selection based on sum of absolute difference (SAD) is employed to reduce modes for candidate so as to alleviate the dramatic throughout(More)
—Abundant intra and inter prediction modes contribute to the superior coding performance of the AVS video coding standard remarkably. However, the resulting implementation complexity is very high, and the real-time throughput is dramatically challenged especially in high definition video coding. So, hardware implementation is highly desired, and hardware(More)
There are abundant intra and inter prediction modes in the AVS video coding standard. Rate distortion optimized mode decision can fully utilize this flexibility to improve the spatio-temporal prediction efficiency and maximize the coding efficiency. However, the implementation complexity is dramatically high due to huge throughput burden. Hardware oriented(More)