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Numerous studies have investigated cospeciation between parasites and their hosts, but there have been few studies concerning parasitoids and insect hosts. The high diversity and host specialization observed in Anicetus species suggest that speciation and adaptive radiation might take place with species diversification in scale insect hosts. Here we(More)
Least squares support vector machines (LSSVM) has been carried out in order to obtain a statistically meaningful analysis of the extended set of molecules. The combined HF with LSSVM correction approach ???LSSVM/HF??? has been applied to evaluate the transition energies of organic molecules. After LSSVM correction, the RMS deviations of the calculated(More)
Tailoring electromagnetically induced transparency with two different coupling mechanisms has been numerically demonstrated. The results show that EIT based on simultaneous electric resonance and magnetic resonance has relatively larger coupling distance compared with that based on electric resonance near field coupling to magnetic resonance. The relatively(More)
The geometries, electronic structures, photophysical properties and spin-orbit coupling (SOC) effects in the radiative process for the recently synthesized complexes (Bppy)Pt(acac) (1) and (BNppy)Pt(acac) (2) as well as the designed complexes 3-6 were investigated by DFT and TD-DFT calculations, to reveal the influences of the functional ligands on charge(More)
The breeding of domestic rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus) for human consumption has a long tradition in China. Infections that can affect the production of meat or even be transmitted from animals to humans are important to monitor, especially for public health reasons as well as for their impact on animal health. Thus, a total of 1,132 domestic rabbit sera(More)
Correction for 'Theoretical study and design of multifunctional phosphorescent platinum(ii) complexes containing triarylboron moieties for efficient OLED emitters' by Yong Wu et al., Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2015, DOI: .
In the current work, a series of bithiopheneimide (BTI)-based D-A copolymers were investigated based on the reported PDTSBTI (1) to screen excellent molecules toward organic photovoltaic (OPV) donor materials. It is found that the PCE based on the proposed derivative 4, where the silicon atom is replaced with vinyl and cyano groups on the DTS unit, shows a(More)
It is critical to effectively use every available organ to meet the increasing demands for liver transplantation. Situs inversus is a rare congenital anomaly caused by obstruction of viscus rotation during embryonic development. Situs inversus was once regarded as a contraindication to liver transplantation because of the technical difficulties associated(More)
Herein we designed and synthesized a series of cationic iridium(III) complexes with a phenylbenzoimidazole-based cyclometalated ligand, containing different numbers of carbazole moieties from zero to three (complexes 1-4). The photophysical and electrochemical properties of this series have been systematically investigated. The complexes exhibit strong(More)