Hai Bi

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—This paper presents the latest progress toward fully embedded board-level optical interconnects in the aspect of waveguide fabrication and device integration. A one-step pattern transfer method is used to form a large cross-section multimode waveguide array with 45 micromirrors by silicon hard molding method. Optimized by a novel spin-coating surface(More)
Photosynthesis is used by plants, algae and bacteria to convert solar energy into stable chemical energy. The initial stages of this process--where light is absorbed and energy and electrons are transferred--are mediated by reaction centres composed of chlorophyll and carotenoid complexes. It has been previously shown that single small molecules can be used(More)
An array of 50 ␮m ϫ 50 ␮m polymer waveguides with 45° total internal reflection ͑TIR͒ wideband coupling mirrors were fabricated by soft molding to achieve fully embedded boardlevel optoelectronic interconnects. The 45° TIR coupling mirrors were formed at the ends of the waveguides to provide surface normal light coupling between waveguides and(More)
points to plus health care, the online services provided by relative websites or mobile applications has high legal risks for urologists. Conclusions: The wave of internet plus health care brought a timely opportunity for the urologists to accumulate the academic credits and forge personal academic brands. Background and Objective: Management of renal cell(More)