Hagit Katzov-Eckert

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Cisplatin is a widely used and effective chemotherapeutic agent, although its use is restricted by the high incidence of irreversible ototoxicity associated with it. In children, cisplatin ototoxicity is a serious and pervasive problem, affecting more than 60% of those receiving cisplatin and compromising language and cognitive development. Candidate gene(More)
BACKGROUND Inappropriate prescribing increases patient illness and death owing to adverse drug events. The inclusion of genetic information into primary care medication practices is one solution. Our aim was to assess the ability to obtain and genotype saliva samples and to determine the levels of use of a decision support tool that creates medication(More)
BACKGROUND Human respiratory syncytial virus (HRSV) is one of the major etiologic agents of respiratory tract infections among children worldwide. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS Here through a comprehensive analysis of the two major HRSV groups A and B (n=1983) which comprise of several genotypes, we present a complex pattern of population dynamics of(More)
We describe a method for pooling and sequencing DNA from a large number of individual samples while preserving information regarding sample identity. DNA from 576 individuals was arranged into four 12 row by 12 column matrices and then pooled by row and by column resulting in 96 total pools with 12 individuals in each pool. Pooling of DNA was carried out in(More)
The identification of germline variants that predispose to cancer is important to further our understanding of tumorigenesis, guide patient management, prevent disease in unaffected relatives, and inform best practice for health care. We describe a kindred with multiple gastrointestinal malignancies where a novel MSH6 germline susceptibility variant was(More)
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