Hagiko Aoki

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We investigated the possible relations of hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) level, a parameter of blood glucose control with scores on anxiety, depression, and self-efficacy for 113 outpatients (55 men and 58 women) with type II diabetes mellitus. The relation between the HbA1c level and the self-efficacy scores as well as with the ratings of anxiety and depression(More)
Previous studies have shown an association between low serum cholesterol concentration and suicide; however, conflicting results have also been reported. To examine this potential association, cholesterol levels in 99 patients admitted to an emergency ward following an attempted suicide were compared with those in 74 nonsuicidal psychiatric inpatients, and(More)
The effects of pre-motion silent period (PSP) on dynamic force exertion were studied in ten healthy subjects performing ballistic elbow extensions. The experiments were designed to evaluate the significance of mean differences between the averaged dynamic force curves of two groups: PSP-presence groups and PSP-absence groups. The presence of PSP was judged(More)
We compared the single motor unit (SMU) activity between movements with a premotion silent period (PMSP) and without PMSP in EMG. Fourteen SMUs in the gastrocnemius muscle and 6 SMUs in the soleus muscle were recorded from 5 volunteers during isometric plantar flexion. Tonically firing SMUs failed to fire just before the onset of a rapid contraction with(More)
The aim of this study is to determine in a Japanese sample whether or not the permanent loss of a parent by death or separation in childhood is aetiologically associated with unipolar major depressive disorder (according to RDC). We compared the incidence of parental loss before 17 years of age by death or separation between 122 depressed inpatients and 94(More)
Developmental trends of jumping reaction time (RT) in mentally retarded children were studied cross-sectionally. Fifty-three boys, ranging in CA from 7 to 18 years, took part in the jumping RT task. RT measurements were obtained from EMG of an agonist muscle (rectus femoris). There was a significant decrease in RT with increasing CA. Correlation between RT(More)
EMG patterns during a jumping reaction task were studied in 53 mentally retarded children. EMGs were recorded from the knee extensors (VM and RF) and the knee flexors (hamstrings). Lack of synchronization between onset of phasic discharge in the VM and the RF and between onset in the hamstrings and the knee extensors was characteristic of retarded children.(More)