Hagen Schumacher

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With increasing age of the population and improvement of diagnostic tools, the incidence of abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA) has been rising steadily. Despite an improvement in operative and interventional treatment options, AAA is the cause of death in 1–3% of men over 65 years of age in industrial countries, mostly due to rupture [1]. Therefore, routine(More)
Necrotising fasciitis is a rare but potentially lethal condition, often requiring extensive soft tissue debridement and complex reconstructive surgery. The disease has been noted to complicate Caesarian section wounds, and our department has recently managed three such patients. They all required extensive abdominal wall debridements which would(More)
The Möbius, Goldenhar and hypoglossia-hypodactyly anomalies are usually sporadic conditions with a recurrence risk of about 2%. The combination of Goldenhar and one of the two others is rare, whereas the concomitant occurrence of Möbius and hypoglossia-hypodactyly, and/or Poland, and/or Klippel-Feil anomaly is well known. Pathogenetically, vascular(More)
To investigate the influence of smoking on the occurrence of complications in patients undergoing breast reduction, a retrospective case note study was performed. Seventy-one patients who had 118 reduction mammoplasties between April 2001 and March 2002 were analyzed; 15.5% (11/71) of all patients suffered a complication. Ten complications were of infective(More)
INTRODUCTION With the advent of digital medical photography, a balance between technological possibility and ethical acceptability is necessary. An understanding of patients' perception is vital in maintaining a healthy doctor-patient relationship and the avoidance of unnecessary medico-legal consequences. To explore this, an anonymous patient questionnaire(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the use of medical honey on healing times and complications in patients with venous leg ulcers after split-skin grafting. METHOD Healing time and morbidity were evaluated in six patients with chronic venous leg ulcers who underwent split-skin grafting followed by the application of medical honey at the vascular unit of University(More)
To determine the benefit of antibiotic prophylaxis on postoperative mobility in flexor tendon repairs, case notes of 72 flexor tendon injuries in twenty four patients were analyzed retrospectively (2001-2003). Only patients with non-contaminated injuries from sharp instruments in flexor zone 2 were included in the study; 57% were male, average age was 31(More)
Biorthogonal wavelets are essential tools for numerous practical applications. It is very important that wavelet transforms work numerically stable in floating point arithmetic. This paper presents new results on the worst-case analysis of roundoff errors occurring in floating point computation of periodic biorthogonal wavelet transforms, i.e. multilevel(More)