Hagen Schempf

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Visual inspection and nondestructive evaluation (NDE) of natural gas distribution mains is an important future maintenance cost-planning step for the nation's gas utilities. These data need to be gathered at an affordable cost with the fewest excavations and maximum linear feet inspected for each deployment, with minimal to no disruption in service. Current(More)
A new type of self-rappelling search-and-rescue robot with chassis articulation, dubbed SPIDAR, has been developed and tested for use by first-responders. SPIDAR is built around a set of articulating body-sections, running a modular running-gear configuration (wheels, legs, tracks, etc.) to allow for maximum terrainability in chaotic collapsed urban(More)
This paper describes the configuration of a floor-tile installation robot for commercial buildings. The research is motivated by the need to reduce the installation time and cost while guaranteeing consistent quality. In order to compete with human installation, a time of 24 seconds per installed tile has to be matched. The technical solution that is deemed(More)