Hagen Schempf

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Visual inspection and nondestructive evaluation (NDE) of natural gas distribution mains is an important future maintenance cost-planning step for the nation's gas utilities. These data need to be gathered at an affordable cost with the fewest excavations and maximum linear feet inspected for each deployment, with minimal to no disruption in service. Current(More)
A new type of self-rappelling search-and-rescue robot, dubbed SPIDAR, is being developed and tested by Automatika, Inc. (AI) for use by first-responders. The project is being funded by DARPA (Defense Advanced Projects Agency) with the intent to transfer technologies from the military domain to the civilian first-responder application markets. SPIDAR is(More)
A new type of self-rappelling search-and-rescue robot with chassis articulation, dubbed SPIDAR, has been developed and tested for use by first-responders. SPIDAR is built around a set of articulating body-sections, running a modular running-gear configuration (wheels, legs, tracks, etc.) to allow for maximum terrainability in chaotic collapsed urban(More)
The Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory (MCWL) is currently funding the development of a mobile ground sensor for use at the small unit level that is operating in the urban environment, dubbed Dragon Runner. A pre-prototype evaluation unit was developed for MCWL and tested under simulated conditions in the former George AFB, Victorville, CA as part of(More)
Production of nursery crops in the US is accomplished in container-and field-growing conditions, with propagation and seedling-rearing carried out in greenhouses. Container-grown crops represent 60% of the US market and represent a highly labor-intensive and thus costly segment of ornamental crop production. The USDA, NASA and the ANLA have collaborated to(More)