Hagen Malberg

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In this tutorial we present recently developed nonlinear methods of cardiovascular physics and show their potentials to clinically relevant problems in cardiology. The first part describes methods of cardiovascular physics, especially data analysis and modeling of noninvasively measured biosignals, with the aim to improve clinical diagnostics and to improve(More)
The fetal ECG derived from abdominal leads is an interesting alternative to standard fetal heart monitoring methods. Due to the temporal and spectral overlap of maternal and fetal signals, the usage of abdominal leads requires elaborated signal processing routines. In this work a modular combination of processing techniques is presented. The core of the(More)
Pre-eclampsia (PE) is a serious disorder with high morbidity and mortality occurring during pregnancy; 3%-5% of all pregnant women are affected. Early prediction is still insufficient in clinical practice. Although most pre-eclamptic patients show pathological uterine perfusion in the second trimester, this parameter has a positive predictive accuracy of(More)
This study investigated the seroprevalence of antibodies against Anaplasma phagocytophilum in Berlin/Brandenburg, north-eastern Germany. During 1994-2001, 422 sera from patients with proven tick-exposure (specimens with antibodies against Borrelia burgdorferi) were compared with 249 control sera. Using indirect fluorescent antibody testing, significantly(More)
The fetal ECG derived from abdominal leads provides an alternative to standard means of fetal monitoring. Furthermore, it permits long-term and ambulant recordings, which expands the range diagnostic possibilities for evaluating the fetal health state. However, due to the temporal and spectral overlap of maternal and fetal signals, the usage of abdominal(More)
OBJECTIVE Impairment of the baroreceptor reflex activity reflects an alteration of the autonomous regulation of the cardiovascular system and has proven to predict fatal outcome in patients after acute myocardial infarction. The following study was performed to analyse the baroreceptor sensitivity, heart rate variability and blood pressure variability in(More)
Directional coupling analysis of bivariate time series is an important subject of current research. In this letter, a method based on symbolic dynamics for the detection of time-delayed coupling is presented. The symbolic coupling traces, defined as the symmetric and diametric traces of the bivariate word distribution, allow for the quantification of(More)
The different sleep stages modulate the autonomous functions blood pressure and heart rate as well as their complex interactions. The method of symbolic coupling traces (SCT) is used to analyse and quantify time-delayed couplings of these measurements. The SCT is defined by the difference of the symmetric and diametric traces of a bivariate word(More)
Das Hauptanliegen dieses Beitrages ist es, verschiedene Ansätze in der Herzfrequenz- und Blutdruckvariabilität zu diskutieren und damit das Verständnis der kardiovaskulären Regulation zu verbessern. Wir betrachten Komplexitätsmaße basierend auf der symbolischen Dynamik, die renormierte Entropie und die ,finite-time’ Wachstumsraten. Weiterhin werden die(More)