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Over a 10-year period, 39 trapeziometacarpal (TM) joint fusions were performed in 37 patients. Pin fixation was used in 27 fusions and staple fixation in 12; all were bone grafted. There were five delayed unions (greater than 3 months) and three nonunions. Twenty-four fusions were evaluated at an average of 4 years. Subjectively, there were 11 excellent, 7(More)
OBJECTIVES There is substantial variation in the classification and management of scapula fractures. The first purpose of this study was to analyze the interobserver reliability of the OTA/AO classification and the New International Classification for Scapula Fractures. The second purpose was to assess the proportion of agreement among orthopaedic surgeons(More)
Parallel mechanisms usually have several direct kinematic solutions that are attributed to different assembly modes (AMs) or postures. The present investigation deals with AM changing, and shows that beside the known cusp points, it is possible to change AM by moving on a path like a ramp, while encircling an alpha-curve in the joint space. For(More)
Approximately 8700 injuries from home exercise equipment occur annually in children in the United States. Home treadmills, which have been growing steadily in popularity during the past decade, pose a specific hazard to infants and children aged 5 years or younger, a population at increased risk of injury to the upper extremities (ie, arm, forearm, wrist,(More)
This paper deals with the difficulties that arise in the realization of micro-mechanisms by MEMS fabrication technique e.g.: fabrication of joints and actuators, joints clearance, lifting the structure from the 2D silicon wafer plane. It then introduces a new structure of a six degrees-of-freedom parallel robot that is suitable for MEMS fabrication. The(More)
This paper introduces a new architecture of a six degrees-of-freedom parallel robot suitable for microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) fabrication. The robot consists of only revolute joints for the passive joints, and linear actuators located at the base for the active ones, both of which are easier to manufacture in MEMS technology. The hybrid kinematic(More)
External fixation around the elbow is a concept as complex as the pathology that it treats. A myriad of potential pitfalls await the surgeon who casually applies a frame to any extremity, let alone a portion of one as complicated as the elbow. A careful understanding of the anatomy, specific technique, applications of the various devices commercially(More)
Senkrechter Durchschnitt des KSrpers vom Keilund Hinterhauptsbeine im sagittalen Durchmesser. a. Sattellehne; b. Se]Ja turcica; c. KeilbeinshShle; d. faserknorpel ige Substanz' im Innern des Knochens entsprecherid der Mitte des oberen Endes der friiheren Synchondrosis spheno-occipita]is. Formbestandtheile dieser Suhstanz; a. kernhaltige, mit geschichteter(More)