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A function of the spine as a structural column is its ability to resist torsion. The goal of this study was to evaluate the contribution of the columns of the spine to torsional rigidity. Ten human cadaver spines were harvested and frozen. The specimens, consisting of segments from T11 to S1, were subjected to torsional loads of up to 20 N-m. Rotation was(More)
This review examines ways to decrease preventable effects of hospitalization on older adults in acute care medical (non-geriatric) units, with a focus on the Israeli experience at the Rambam Health Care Campus, a large tertiary care hospital in northern Israel. Hospitalization of older adults is often followed by an irreversible decline in functional status(More)
Double contrast arthrography of the knee is the method of choice for visualization of the menisci, while the single positive contrast technique is the preferred method for evaluation of the cruciate ligaments. A technique is described which combines the advantages of these two methods. Following radiography of the menisci, an essentially single positive(More)
Nine narcoleptic and nine control subjects underwent 4 nights of sleep recordings. On nights 3 and 4, they received continuous intravenous infusions of saline. Additionally, on both nights they received 0.2 mg glycopyrrolate at the end of the first REM period (REM1) and 0.5 mg arecoline or placebo in random order 20 min after the end of REM1. Heart rates(More)
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