Hagai Ilani

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The partially-concurrent open shop scheduling problem is presented. The standard open shop scheduling problem is generalized by allowing some operations to be processed concurrently. This generalization is directly motivated from a real-life timetabling project of assigning technicians to airplanes in an airplane garage. A schedule for the(More)
The presented two-campus transport problem (TCTP) is a pickup-anddelivery scheduling problem. It is a problem of a college with two campuses located at two different cities. Lecturers living in one city should sometimes teach at the other city campus. The problem is that of transporting N lecturers from one campus to the other, using a fleet of k vehicles,(More)
Partially-concurrent open shop scheduling (PCOSS) was recently introduced as a common generalization of the well-known open shop scheduling model and the concurrent open shop scheduling model. PCOSS was shown to be NP-hard even when there is only one machine and all operations have unit processing time. In the present paper we study PCOSS problems with(More)
Given an Eulerian multigraph, a subset T of its vertices, and a collection H of subsets of T, we ask how few edge-disjoint paths can contain maximum (A, T"A)flows, for all A # H at once. We answer the question for a certain class of hypergraphs H by presenting a strongly polynomial construction of a minimum set of such paths and a min-max formula for its(More)
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