Hagai Cohen

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A series of p- and n-GaAs-S-C(n)H(2n+1) || Hg junctions are prepared, and the electronic transport through them is measured. From current-voltage measurements, we find that, for n-GaAs, transport occurs by both thermionic emission and tunneling, with the former dominating at low forward bias and the latter dominating at higher forward bias. For p-GaAs,(More)
Genome doubling may have multi-level effects on the morphology, viability and physiology of polyploids compared to diploids. We studied the changes associated with autopolyploidization in two systems of somatic newly induced polyploids, diploid-autotetraploid and triploid-autohexaploid, belonging to the genus Hylocereus (Cactaceae). Stomata, fruits, seeds,(More)
Chromosome duplication—autopolyploidization—may affect plant morphology and breeding systems, ultimately enabling the production of improved genotypes. In this study, the autotetraploid lines obtained from the self-incompatible diploid Hylocereus monacanthus and the autooctapolyploid lines obtained from the self-compatible tetraploid H. megalanthus were(More)
We study the non-overlapping indexing problem: Given a text T , preprocess it in order to answer queries of the form: given a pattern P , report the maximal set of non-overlapping occurrences of P in T. A generalization of this problem is the range non-overlapping indexing where in addition we are given two indexes i, j to report the maximal set of(More)
Previous in vitro studies demonstrate that exogenous application of the sulfur-containing amino acid methionine into cultured soybean cotyledons and seedlings reduces the level of methionine-poor storage proteins and elevates those that are methionine-rich. However, the effect of higher endogenous methionine in seeds on the composition of storage products(More)
The combination of photonics and spintronics opens new ways to transfer and process information. It is shown here that in systems in which organic molecules and semiconductor nanoparticles are combined, matching these technologies results in interesting new phenomena. We report on light induced and spin-dependent charge transfer process through helical(More)
Vibrational spectroscopy in the electron microscope would be transformative in the study of biological samples, provided that radiation damage could be prevented. However, electron beams typically create high-energy excitations that severely accelerate sample degradation. Here this major difficulty is overcome using an 'aloof' electron beam, positioned tens(More)
Higher methionine levels in transgenic Arabidopsis seeds trigger the accumulation of stress-related transcripts and primary metabolites. These responses depend on the levels of methionine within seeds. Methionine, a sulfur-containing amino acid, is a key metabolite in plant cells. To reveal the regulatory role of the Arabidopsis thaliana CYSTATHIONINE(More)