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In this paper we present a new problem, the fast set intersection problem, which is to preprocess a collection of sets in order to efficiently report the intersection of any two sets in the collection. In addition we suggest new solutions for the two-dimensional substring indexing problem and the document listing problem for two patterns by reduction to the(More)
The question whether hydroxyl free radicals are formed in the reactions of divalent iron complexes Fe(II)L; L = edta; hedta; tcma (tcma = 1-acetato-1,4,7-triazacyclononane) with hydrogen peroxide in neutral and slightly acidic solutions was studied by using the beta elimination reaction as an assay for the formation of hydroxyl free radicals, OH. The(More)
The nuclear pore complex is a large protein channel present universally in eukaryotic cells. It generates an essential macromolecular separation between the nucleus and cytoplasm. The transport mechanism relies on recognition of molecular cargos by receptor proteins, and on specific interaction between the receptors and the pores. We present a chemical(More)
Single-stranded deoxyribonucleic acid (ssDNA) thymidylic acid icosanucleotides (dT20) were synthesized on the surfaces of derivatized quartz optical fibers to create an optical DNA biosensor. The synthesis made use of an automated solid-phase synthesizer and phosphoramidite synthons. The covalently immobilized oligomers were found to hybridize with(More)
Novel estrogen-conjugated pyridine-containing Gd(III) and Eu(III) contrast agents (EPTA-Gd/Eu) were designed and effectively synthesized. Convenient to administration and MRI experiments, both EPTA-Gd and EPTA-Eu are soluble in water. The EPTA-Gd selectively binds with a micromolar affinity to the estrogen receptor and induces proliferation of human breast(More)
Genome doubling may have multi-level effects on the morphology, viability and physiology of polyploids compared to diploids. We studied the changes associated with autopolyploidization in two systems of somatic newly induced polyploids, diploid-autotetraploid and triploid-autohexaploid, belonging to the genus Hylocereus (Cactaceae). Stomata, fruits, seeds,(More)
Vibrational spectroscopy in the electron microscope would be transformative in the study of biological samples, provided that radiation damage could be prevented. However, electron beams typically create high-energy excitations that severely accelerate sample degradation. Here this major difficulty is overcome using an 'aloof' electron beam, positioned tens(More)
Combinations of alkylated polyethylenimine and polyoxometalates yield water-soluble synzymes with hydrophobic regions that allowed the aqueous biphasic selective oxidation of very hydrophobic, water-insoluble substrates with hydrogen peroxide. With the alkylated PEI/{PO4[WO(O2)2]4}3- highly effective C-C bond cleavage of alkenes to aldheydes was observed.(More)
The reaction of Fe(II)[N(CH2CO2)3](H2O)2- with H2O2 in neutral and slightly acidic solutions was studied. The results indicate that the transient complex formed between these reagents, (nta)(H2O)-Fe2+.O2H-, (where nta = N(CH2CO2-)3) reacts either directly with greater than or equal to 0.175 M 2-propanol or 2-methyl-2-propanol, or decomposes into the(More)