Hag-Wone Kim

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In this paper, a simple and low-cost open-circuit fault detection and identification method for a pulse-width modulated (PWM) voltage-source inverter (VSI) employing a permanent magnet synchronous motor is proposed. An open-circuit fault of a power switch in the PWM VSI changes the corresponding terminal voltage and introduces the voltage distortions to(More)
This paper presents a study on a current control of a PM synchronous motor which is fed by two-level voltage source inverter in the high modulation index area. In order to increase dynamic response and extend speed limit caused by limit voltage, overmodulation methods is generally used. However, the voltage ripple in the overmodulation region generates(More)
This paper presents a new single carrier wave comparison PWM method for 3 level 3 phase Vienna type rectifier. The theoretical background for the single carrier wave comparison PWM is presented. The model for this Vienna rectifier is reviewed briefly and the voltage unbalance problem according to the offset duty is analyzed. Finally, the simulation and(More)
This paper proposes a simple position observer based on the instantaneous power and a tuning procedure for the proposed observer in driving the surface-mounted permanent magnet synchronous motor. In the instantaneous power of a three-phase system, the imaginary and real powers have the information related to the position and velocity. Using the(More)
In this paper, LLC series resonant converter with current-doubler as a rectification circuit for secondary side is proposed. The current-doubler circuit is generally used for the high voltage input and low voltage output application to get high efficiency characteristics with reduced transformer turn ratio. However, an inductive circuit is not used in a(More)
Recently, permanent magnet synchronous motors are applied to various applications such as electric vehicle, aerospace, medical service, and military applications due to several outstanding characteristics. Because of the importance of high reliable operation in these areas, many researches which are related to the fault detection and diagnosis of inverter(More)
In this paper, a new PWM method is proposed to reduce input current THD of PWM Rectifier. In the carrier comparison PWM method for the PWM rectifier, a triangle wave is generally used as the carrier wave. However, large d-axis current ripple by this method can be a source of large input current THD. In this paper, new carrier comparison PWM method is(More)
The back emf harmonics of a PM synchronous motor is the main source of the torque ripples. The torque ripples make the mechanical vibration at low speeds and the acoustic noise at high speeds. The feed-forward harmonic currents compensation may reduce the torque ripples at low speeds, but the torque ripples at high speeds can't be reduced due to the limited(More)
The PMSM is inherently electronically controlled and requires rotor position information for proper drives. However, the problems of the space, cost, and reliability of rotor position sensors have motivated research in the area of position sensorless PMSM drives. Numbers of rotor position sensorless control techniques have been proposed for PMSM drives, but(More)