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OBJECTIVE To assess the incidence of bleeding after dental extractions in subjects taking warfarin continuously before and after extractions whose International Normalised Ratio (INR) was below 4.0 at the time of extraction. METHODS This was a case series study of 150 patients without controls who required extraction of at least one tooth under local(More)
Tumours of eccrine sweat glands are uncommon, with complex classification and different terms used even for the same tumour. Therefore, for practical purposes, it may be sufficient to differentiate between benign and malignant. Malignant eccrine hidradenoma has a predilection for head and neck, with high incidence of recurrence following surgical excision(More)
Twenty-five adult patients with fully edentulous jaws, aged from 44 to 80 years were treated with seventy-one 3.5 mm diameter Astra Tech dental implants in the parasymphseal region. The length of these implants varied from 9 mm to 15 mm. Either two or three implants were inserted, subsequently exposed after a minimum period of 3 months, abutments and ball(More)
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