Hafsa Deddi

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In this paper we introduce the new notion of n-pseudomanifold and n-weakmanifold in an (n + 1)-digital image using (2(n + 1); 3 − 1)-adjacency. For these classes, we prove the digital version of the Jordan–Brouwer separation theorem. To accomplish this objective, we construct a polyhedral representation of the (n + 1)-digital image based on a cubical(More)
We address the problem of controlling the curvature of a B16zier curve interpolating a given set of data. More precisely, given two points M and N, two directions i! and i, and a constant k, we would like to find two quadratic B6zier curves P1 and r 2 joined with continuity G1, and interpolating the two points M and N, such that the tangent vectors at M and(More)
This paper presents an approach based on topology for the determination of characteristics and properties of curves used in the trimming of NURBS surfaces. Through discrete subdivision and topological criteria, a method is presented to determine characteristics of the boundary; such as whether the set of trimming curves forms a set of closed loops, whether(More)
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