Hafida Belbachir

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—Recently, many large organizations have multiple data sources (MDS') distributed over different branches of an interstate company. Local patterns analysis has become an effective strategy for MDS mining in national and international organizations. It consists of mining different datasets in order to obtain frequent patterns, which are forwarded to a(More)
Dans les sciences de l'information géographique les champs continus sont utilisés pour modéliser et représenter des phénomènes continus naturels et environnementaux. Ils sont d'un grand intérêt pour décrire la distribution de plusieurs propriétés physiques qui varient continuellement dans l'espace et dans le temps, comme la météorologie. Notre article(More)
The parallel and distributed systems represent one of the important solutions proposed to ameliorate the performance of the sequential association rule mining algorithms. However, parallelization and distribution process is not trivial and still facing many problems of synchronization, communication, and workload balancing. Our study is limited to the(More)
Data mining has become an important technology to discover a hidden and nontrivial knowledge from large amounts of data. A major problem is to achieve this discovery process with preserving privacy of extracted data and / or knowledge. Privacy preserving data mining (PPDM) is a new area of research that studies the side effects of knowledge mining methods(More)
In data grid environment, the management of shared data is one of the major scientific challenges. Data replication is one of the important techniques used in grid systems to increase the availability, scalability and fault tolerance. However, the update of a replica might bring a critical problem of replica consistency maintenance. Thus, maintaining the(More)
Today, to stay competitive, organizations are in the quest to execute their business processes correctly and continuously. This need require to apply risk, security and business process management in a more integrated way. At the same time, business processes need to be more flexible and adaptable. Habitually , The business rules represent main driving(More)
Cross-organizations are increasingly coordinating their capabilities in the quest of dynamically adaptable and secured business process. Usually, the business activities are governed with business rules. The ECA (Event-condition-action) rules has been widely adopted for business rules. Indeed, it is a popular way to incorporate flexibility into a process(More)