Hafida Belbachir

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The parallel and distributed systems represent one of the important solutions proposed to ameliorate the performance of the sequential association rule mining algorithms. However, parallelization and distribution process is not trivial and still facing many problems of synchronization, communication, and workload balancing. Our study is limited to the(More)
In data grid environment, the management of shared data is one of the major scientific challenges. Data replication is one of the important techniques used in grid systems to increase the availability, scalability and fault tolerance. However, the update of a replica might bring a critical problem of replica consistency maintenance. Thus, maintaining the(More)
33  AbstractVertical fragmentation in databases is considered as a difficult problem; it has attracted the interest of many researchers and has been the subject of several studies. In the literature, these studies suggest approaches to solving the problem of vertical fragmentation, these approaches always provide a solution, but we find no indication about(More)
Associative classification algorithms have been successfully used to construct classification systems. The major strength of such techniques is that they are able to use the most accurate rules among an exhaustive list of class-association rules. This explains their good performance in general, but to the detriment of an expensive computing cost, inherited(More)
Data replication in data grid systems is one of the important solutions that improve availability, scalability, and fault tolerance. However, this technique can also bring some involved issues such as maintaining replica consistency. Moreover, as grid environment are very dynamic some nodes can be more uploaded than the others to become eventually a(More)
An active database system is a conventional database system extended with a facility for managing active rules (or triggers). Rules in active database systems can be very difficult to program, due to the unstructured and unpredictable nature of rule processing. In this paper, we propose a method of termination analysis of rules in an active database system(More)
This paper presents the semantic analysis of queries written in natural language (French) and dedicated to the object oriented data bases. The studied queries include one or two nominal groups (NG) articulating around a verb. A NG consists of one or several keywords (application dependent noun or value). Simple semantic filters are defined for identifying(More)
Data mining has become an important technology to discover a hidden and nontrivial knowledge from large amounts of data. A major problem is to achieve this discovery process with preserving privacy of extracted data and / or knowledge. Privacy preserving data mining (PPDM) is a new area of research that studies the side effects of knowledge mining methods(More)