Hafid Zouihri

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In the title compound, C13H16N2S2, the seven-membered ring adopts a boat conformation, with the two phenyl-ene C atoms representing the stern and the methyl-ene C atom as the prow. The thione S atoms and N-bound ethyl groups lie on the opposite side of the mol-ecule to the phenyl-ene ring so that the mol-ecule approximates mirror symmetry. In the crystal,(More)
The structure of the polymeric title compound, [CuCl(CH(4)N(2)S)(2)](n), has been redetermined to modern standards of precision with anisotropic refinement and location of the H atoms. The previous structure report [Spofford & Amma (1970 ▶). Acta Cryst. B26, 1474-1483] is generally confirmed to higher precision [typical Cu-S bond length s.u. values = 0.005(More)
The structure of the title compound, (Ag(0.79)Co(0.11))Co(H(2)O)(2)[BP(2)O(8)]·0.67H(2)O is isotypic to that of its recently published counterparts AgMg(H(2)O)(2)[BP(2)O(8)]·H(2)O and (Ag(0.57)Ni(0.22))Ni(H(2)O)(2)[BP(2)O(8)]·0.67H(2)O. It consists of infinite borophos-phate helical ribbons [BP(2)O(8)](3-), built up from alternate BO(4) and PO(4)(More)
In the title hydrate, C(10)H(10)O(4)·H(2)O, the six-membered aliphatic ring that is fused to the benzene ring has a sofa shape, with the hy-droxy group in the 3-position (that represents the sofa back) of the aliphatic ring occupying a quasi-axial position. The hy-droxy group of the aromatic ring is hydrogen-bond donor to the carbonyl O atom; other O-H⋯O(More)
In the title compound, C(23)H(24)N(4)O(3)·H(2)O, the 1,3-oxazoline ring is nearly planar [maximum deviation = 0.059 (2) Å] and its mean plane is twisted by 30.12 (8)° with respect to the quinoxaline fused-ring system; the benzene ring is nearly coplanar with the quinoxaline fused-ring system [dihedral angle = 2.52 (2)°]. The water mol-ecule of(More)
In the title compound, C(21)H(25)N(3)O(6)S, the dihedral angle between the meth-oxy-benzene and indazole rings is 74.96 (5)°. The crystal packing is stabilized by an N-H⋯O hydrogen bond into a two-dimensional network. In addition, C-H⋯π inter-actions and a π-π contact, with a centroid-centroid distance of 3.5333 (6) Å, are observed. The crystal packing is(More)
The structure framework of the title compound, (Ag(0.57)Ni(0.22))Ni(H(2)O)(2)[BP(2)O(8)]·0.67H(2)O, is the same as that of its recently published counterpart AgMg(H(2)O)(2)[BP(2)O(8)]·H(2)O. In the title structure, the Ag, Ni, B and one O atom are located on special positions (sites symmetry 2). The structure consists of infinite borophosphate helical(More)
The title heterocyclic compound, C(20)H(17)NO(3)S, was synthesized by condensation of ethyl cyano-acetate with (Z)-2-benzyl-idenebenzo[b]thio-phen-3(2H)-one in the presence of a basic catalyst in ethanol. The phenyl and ester groups make dihedral angles of 77.67 (6) and 8.52 (6)°, respectively, with the benzothienopyran ring system [maximum r.m.s. deviation(More)
The title compound, C(23)H(17)ClN(2)O(3)·C(2)H(6)O, is the stoichiometric 1:1 ethanol solvate of a racemic reaction product, which forms a conglomerate. The refined Flack parameter of 0.36 (3) indicates racemic twinning. In the structure, mol-ecules are linked into zigzag chains by a series of inter-molecular N-H⋯O and O-H⋯O hydrogen bonds.