Hafejee C Essackjee

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1. We investigated the effects of pH elevation or depression on adenosine output from buffer-perfused rat gracilis muscle, and kinetic properties of adenosine-forming enzymes, 5'-nucleotidase (5'N) and non-specific phosphatase (PT), and adenosine-removing enzymes, adenosine kinase (AK) and adenosine deaminase (AD), in homogenates of muscle. 2. Depression of(More)
BACKGROUND Small elevations in plasma potassium evoke vasodilation in the peripheral circulation. Systemic hypoxia elevates arterial potassium and also modifies arterial pH. AIMS We examined the interaction between pH and potassium in blood during systemic hypoxia and the effect of pH on the uptake/release of potassium in the peripheral tissues. METHODS(More)
Previous studies suggested indirectly that vascular endothelial cells (VECs) might be able to release intracellularly-formed adenosine. We isolated VECs from the rat soleus muscle using collagenase digestion and magnetic-activated cell sorting (MACS). The VEC preparation had >90% purity based on cell morphology, fluorescence immunostaining, and RT-PCR of(More)
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